What is Seclusion?

Secluded Varieties

When you see this badge in a chilli variety's description, it means that seeds for that variety have been harvested from "Secluded" plants.

What are "Secluded Plants"?

"Secluded Plants" are plants grown in a controlled environment where we controll the plants exposure to insect pollinators and airborne pollen from other plants. "Secluded" plants are separated from other plants, protected from insect pollinators and sheltered from airborn pollen. All "secluded" plants are hand pollinated to ensure self pollination.

Here we have done everything possible from our side to reduce the chances of cross pollination. Even more so, we have beefed up standard methods isolation to further reduce the chances of cross pollination.

Our vision and commitment is to stabilizing varities within our "Seclusion" programme. We envisage that this commitment will see improved stability in these varieties in future generations to come.

While it is not completely possible to exclude airborne pollen from plants, chances of cross pollination through airborne pollen are greatly reduced in our "Seclusion" programme. There is no guaranteed method of completely isolating plants from airborne pollen, but we believe that our methods of "Seclusion" will produce improved results.

When seeds are labelled as "Secluded", it means that:



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