Snotklap 1 Litre

Snotklap 1 Litre
Product Code: sntklp1000
Heat Level: Lethally Hot
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Price: R1,700.00

Snotklap Chilli Sauce is insanely hot. It is our hottest product to date that is designed for but one thing - the chillihead who simply wants the hottest sauce. Snotklap is our follow up to the Kilauea Lava Sauce. This sauce has a fresh chilli base that has been pimped with pure capsaicin. A slow creeper to start, this sauce is fruity and sweet upfront, but will unleash armageddon upon the taste buds.

This sauce comes in a very handy 1 Litre polyprop bottle. Ideal for restaurants and food businesses looking for larger, more convenient quantities. This sauce is perfect for those wishing to create insanely hot burgers or buffalo wings.

A WARNING: This sauce is insanely hot and should be treated with asbolute caution.

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Chillihead Images of fresh chillies shown in product views are for purpose of showing the type of chillies that these seeds have been harvested from. We do not sell fresh chillies on this site. Customers are advised that they are buying chilli seeds for the type of chilli shown in the product view. All our chilli plants are open pollinated. While seeds are harvested from plants as advertised, there is a possibility that hybridization/cross polination may occur. We do not sell to minors under the age of 18. We would also like to warn customers that most of our products are exctremely hot and should be treated with utmost respect.

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