Scotch Brains Chilli Seeds

Scotch Brains Chilli Seeds

Scotch Brains Chilli Seeds
Scotch Brains Chilli Seeds Scotch Brains Chilli Seeds
Product Code: SCTBR
SHU: 400,000 - 800,000
Scientific Name: Capsicum Chinense
Germination Ease: Normal
Seeds / Packet: 10
Availability: In Stock
Price: R60.00

Scotch Brains Chilli Seeds. Scotch Brains (C. Chinense) are a very interesting hybrid variety. It is a very exciting cross between a Trinidad 7Pot Brainstrain & Scotch Bonnet. We received the seeds as isolated and have kept this variety secluded in our season. Good germination, easy grower, producing ample pods throughout the season. Pods ripen from green to a fantastic yellow. Pods have a very intersting pheno, with a mix somewhere between 7Pot Brainstrain and Scotch Bonnet. The shoulders of the pods have the shape and texture of a Brainstrain and the underside has a very distinct tail tucked in at the centre. This is a hybrid and we must stress that this is not a stable variety. We did not see massive variation on our plant and we do not know exactly what generation this hybrid is, but variation in our grow was not dramatic. If you are not adverse to some hybrid variation, this is a very exciting variety to grow. We also note that this plant produced pods well into winter. Much longer than most of our chinense varieties. Pods are firm and crisp. not too much placenta inside the pods. But left to cook in the sun, these pods have a very respectible heat. These pods are crisp and flavour is clean and loaded with citrus. We really enjoyed the freshness of these pods. We felt flavour profile was almost in the same ball park as the Aji Lemon... but clearly in the extra hot category. Heat wise these chillies do fluctuate quite a bit based on growing conditions but can be expected to reach a good 800,000 SHU at its peak. A good well rounded burn with a lengthy tingle that always gets our seal of approval. Great to use fresh and also for cooked dishes. Pods do dry well due to their thinner flesh, so these would probably make an awesome chilli powder as well. A very nice hybrid variety that gets our thumbs up :)

Secluded Variety


Secluded Heirloom Standard / Landrace Hybrid    


C. Chinense

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Chillihead Images of fresh chillies shown in product views are for purpose of showing the type of chillies that these seeds have been harvested from. We do not sell fresh chillies on this site. Customers are advised that they are buying chilli seeds for the type of chilli shown in the product view. All our chilli plants are open pollinated. While we endeavour to grow plants in seclusion, cross polination may still be a factor. We do not sell to minors under the age of 18. We would also like to warn customers that most of our products are exctremely hot and should be treated with utmost respect.

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