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Being a new year, and having spent lots of time and effort to grow my plants of passion, I have to mention that I have had tremendous help from the staff of Chillihead. ANY questions were answered promptly, and perlite,and other needed paraphernalia was sourced and sent to me in record time, as the place I live has no horticultural experts concerned with growing chilli peppers. exotic seeds were sourced and shared by Periperi at no extra cost. A year later, I have a pepper nursery AND growing tunnel of note, due to his encouragement. Seeds for the really rare and exotic were sent to me twice in the past year, and this was telling of the relationship Chillihead maintains with clients!! I am thus wishing Chillihead a year of note, the best ever experienced, prosperous and full of reward! Thank You for all the effort. Go from strength to astronomical strength! Regards

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Gary 01:35:35 01-11-2015
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