Chillihead Playground

Chillihead Playground

In this category we showcase some of the amazing hybrid chilli varieties sourced from reputable growers around the globe that are setting the trend at present in the chilli fraternity. These chillies are what we consider to be hybrid varieties. Many people misunderstand the term "hybrid". Hybrid does not mean genetically modified or manufactured in a test tube! Quite to the contrary, these varieties are all natural varieties. Hybrid simply meaning "cross pollinated". Chillies by their very nature are natural hybridizers. Chillies naturally cross pollinate with other varieties of chillies. This is a totally natural process. This not only ensures genetic diversity in the species, it also creates some very interesting and exciting varities for those of you who are always looking for the next best thing.

The joys of growing hybrid chillies is in the unpredictable nature of the outcome. Some of the most amazing varieties have come about through hybridization. Some have been purposefully crossed and other have materialised by complete coincidence. It is exciting to see how these varieties evolve over time. Hybrids evolve in totally different ways, so you may just be the proud owner of something totally unique. So if this sounds like your cup of tea chillies... you can be part of this natural phenomena too!

PLEASE NOTE: Seeds in this category are not stable varieties and will have a tendency to show variations in colour, shape, flavour and heat. Nothing in this category is guaranteed except that these seeds are derived from hybrids as labeled. If this sounds like a challenge and adventure to you - then let the excitement begin :)

The Chillihead Hybrids

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Borg9 Long
Borg 9 Long chilli seeds. The Borg 9 Long (C. Chinense) is a variant of the Borg 9 with a long pheno..
Brazillian Reaper
Brazillian Reaper Chilli Seeds. The Brazillian Reaper (C. Chinense) is a hybrid variety that is a cr..
Carolina Reaper X Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
Carolina Reaper X Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion. The Carolina Reaper X Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpi..
Maldavian Heart X Purple Bhut
Maldavian Heart X Purple Bhut Chilli Seeds. The Maldavian Heart X Purple Bhut (C. Chinense) is a rea..
Moruglah Chilli Seeds. The Moruglah (C. Chinense) is a cross between Trinidad Scorpion Moruga (2,000..
Trinidad 7Pot Bubblegum X Naga
Trinidad 7Pot Bubblegum X Naga Chilli Seeds. The Trinidad 7Pot Bubblegum X Naga (C. Chinense) is a s..
Trinidad 7Pot Jonah X UFO
Trinidad 7Pot Jonah X UFO Chilli Seeds. The Trinidad 7Pot Jonah X UFO (C. Chinense) is one of those ..
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