Edes Füszer Paprika Chilli Seeds

Edes Füszer Paprika Chilli Seeds

Edes Füszer Paprika Chilli Seeds
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Scientific Name: Capsicum Annuum
Germination Ease: Normal
Seeds / Packet: 10
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Edes Füszer Paprika. Literally translated means "Sweet Spice Paprika". The Edes Füszer Paprika is an heirloom C. Annuum variety that originates from Hungary. It is a medium sized plant that germinates and grows well. A good, productive plant that yield lots of elongated pods that ripen from green to red when fully ripe. Plants will require supporting as the weight of the pods can have a tendancy to topple over the plant.

As the name suggest, this is a sweet & fruity pepper. The aroma of the pods is clean and herbaceous and flavour is equally clean, sweet and fruity with citrus undertones. There is no heat that we could detect on these peppers. While this pepper can be eaten fresh or made into sauces, it really would be a shame. This pepper lends itself best to what has been practiced in Hungary for centuries - drying the pepper and making a superb sweet paprika powder. One could possibly also look at smoking the dried pods to make a lovely sweet smoked paprika.

C. Annuum

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Tags: annuum, red
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