Our chilli chilli classification key is as follows:

Secluded Secluded Heirloom Heirloom Standard / Landrace Standard / Landrace Hybrid Hybrid    



What do we mean by the term "Secluded"?

When you see one of our varieties with a seed classification "S", it means "Secluded". This purely refers to the way we have farmed the plants.

Many growers use the term "Isolation", which we feel is miss-leading in the grand scheme as isolating chillies is virtually impossible.

We prefer to use the term "Secluded". This is a term that we feel best describes the process that is employed to limit or reduce the possibility of cross pollination.

Seeds classified with "S" means that the seeds are derived from "Secluded" plants. These plants are "Secluded" from other plants, insect pollinators and wind pollination. We have done everything possible from our side to prevent the chances of cross pollination. While greatly reduced, this process is not fail safe against wind pollination.

When seeds are labelled as "Secluded", it means that:

What do we mean by the term "Heirloom"?

Heirloom varieties are open pollinated chillies that have been grown and handed down from generation to generation in a specicif geographic location. Generally more than 50 years. Heirloom varieties are usually grown in a particular geographic location ie a town or geographic location. Mostly due to preference and tradition. Farming communities have grow these on mass over many decades, meaning genetic coding is very strong. Heirloom variatals can be the most stable varieties to be found.

What do we mean by the term "Standard / Landrace"?

Standard varietals and Land Race variatals are named open pollinated varieties. Chillies are usually given names by growers once varieties have been grown out and produce stable traits. Also land race varieties that have adapted to local growing conditions and naturally stabilized. Being indemic varieties, these land race varieties have been given names by the local people. With regards to Land Race variatals, slight variation can be expected according to geography - point in case African PeriPeri and Bhut Jolokias. These are naturally ocurring land race varieties that grow in African and India and vary according to region, but at the same time have different names depending on the local people they are found in.

What do we mean by the term "Hybrid"?

Hybrids are new variatals that have been crossed. Deliberately or naturally. These varieties are not stable and can never be considered stable unless selectively bred out for many years. Having said this, hybrids offer much excitement in growing circles and produce some of the most amazing variations. They are also much stronger plants whose growth and yield as well as immunity to deseases is much stronger.

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