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Aji Fantasy Secluded Chilli Seeds. The Aji Fantasy (C. Baccatum) is a lovely unusual variety. plants grow to around 1m in our experience. They may well grow larger given the chance. plants are bushy and wispy in structure. Pods ripen from a white/green to light green and ultimately yellow once fully ripened. Pods are very unusual with what can best be described as a bell shape. Pods are thin skinned, firm and crunchy, but do go soft once fully ripened. A good producer too, so expect lots of pods and seeds from these plants. The aroma is distinctly baccatum with a very clean citrus aroma. Flavourwise, these pods are tasty. A more delicate flavour profile to this variety. The fruitiness is more tropical fruit, more like Star fruit. It has that typical baccatum clean crisp flavour. A slight touch of cologne, but not overwhelming. Flavours are sweet and the burn is entry level medium with a very well rounded burn. Definitely a chilli that should be used fresh or possibly dried. But the winner here is without a doubt the unusual looks of this variety.

Chillihead Secluded Chilli Seed Variety

C. Baccatum

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Aji Fantasy Chilli Seeds

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