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Chillihead? What is a Chillihead? Well quite simply put, a Chillihead is a person who is passionately crazy about anything Chillies. Could this be you? Well, I don't think you have to be a Chillihead to appreciate the fun and enjoyment gardening can bring. But once you walk through that door into the world of chillies, be prepared to experience a world of wonderment. For those of us who have never seen this world, a chilli is just a little red, green or orange chilli that we add to food and will either be hot or mild. Well, judge for yourself. This world abounds with chillies from all over the world. Chillies that are Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, White, Brown, Black, Purple, round, long, big, small and yes, mild, hot, extra hot and unbelievably hot! And if it is heat you are after, well have we got a treat for you. We have the world's hottest chillies right here in store!

Chillies are not always easy to grow, but the trick is to germinate all your seeds successfully, raise your seedlings and nurture your plants to harvest. As you usher your chillies along, you will see their developments and set backs. But the greatest achievement is the harvest. The gold of it all is a hand full of beautiful chillies, that are not just for cooking... but are really proven to be full of anti-oxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C and all round really good for you! Did you know that one average chilli has more vitamin C than four oranges? Well, one more reason to stock up on chillies for winter :)

We hope that in making this website available to you, we may share some of the fun and enjoyment that we have experienced growing them too. The seeds that are on offer are seeds that have been harvested from plants that have been locally grown. All chilli plants on the farm are grown in an open air environment. We do not use pesticides and try to grow our chillies as naturally as we can. Chillies are harvested and seeds gathered within hours from harvest. Seeds are dried and packaged in a minimum of ten seeds per packet. These are refrigerated to keep them fresh. We envisage that our product offerings will change with time as the world of chillies is ever evolving. Chillies are exceptional hybridizers - meaning that most Capsicum (chilli or pepper) can pollinate with one another. There are some exceptions, but generally speaking this is the case. This means from harvest to harvest, if grown in a common environment, chillies will change their appearance and genetic make up. Every season there are people around the world growing hotter, better, bigger and more unusual chillies. But then this is part of the wonder and joy of growing chillies - they can change into something new.

Our mission will be to grow our portfolio of chillies and grow our offerings to you. So stay close and check in on us on a regular basis to see the new varieties that will be added to the mix.

But enough of the chillies themselves. Here at Chillihead we are seriously enthusiastic about chillies. We are all seasoned chilliheads who just love anything chilli. We love our job and we love nothing more than to introduce newcomers to the world of chillies. If it is help you are after, we are always happy to help where we can. We also aim to provide - you, the shopper, with a brilliant online experience. Our processing is swift and our aim is to get your purchase to your door as quickly as possible. After all, why shop online if it can't be quick? So, we do pride ourselves in our service and after sales service too.

But don't take our word for it - check out the testimonial on our site. All original testimonials from real satisfied customers. Good or bad, we love to hear back from our customers - so be sure to let us know how good or bad we are doing ;)

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