Jiffy® Pellet Instructions

How to use your Jiffy® Pellets

Jiffy® 7C™ pellets give peppers growers reliable RHP quality and consistency, exceptional growth, ease of transport and very high transplant success, with little damage to roots or loss of growing medium during transplanting.

Pepper growers the world over use Jiffy® products for the propagation and growing of peppers. In South Africa this is no different and we are seeing increasing usage across the major pepper propagators and farmers.

Jiffy® 7C™ pellets were designed to facilitate the propagation of plants and are the ultimate container and substrate in one. Made from RHP certified cocopeat encapsulated in a biodegradeable netting, Jiffy® pellets provide world class substrate that is pre-prepared, easy to handle and has great rooting capability.

Jiffy® 7C™ pellets are designed to be transplanted directly into the soil, allowing roots to easily grow through the biodegradeable netting wall and into the soil.

Why use Jiffy 7C Pellets?

  • Jiffy 7C are made from RHP certified, 100% cocopeat. This means predictable and consistent quality, crop after crop and year after year;
  • EC and pH tested on each batch prior to shipment;
  • Basic nutrients for healthy growth are incorporated in each pellet, (NPK and micronutrients), to ensure healthy seedlings and cuttings;
  • Exceptional porosity and water retention to ensure good root growth;
  • Substrate covered with biodegradable netting, reducing wastage of material since bottom of plug is sealed;
  • Delivered in compressed form for easy and efficient freighting, packaging and storage;
  • Labour efficient, ready to use products, (only expansion with water required);
  • No washing, buffering, mixing, testing or additives required at site prior to usage;
  • Soft center ensures ease of planting cuttings or seeds in the center of the pellet, providing uniformity and stability;
  • Efficient usage of water and fertilizer;
  • Better and faster rooting in the Jiffy pellet cuts nursery time. Roots easily penetrate through the netting;
  • Uniform growth in young plants;
  • Easy removal of young plants from trays, ensuring minimal damage to roots and improved labour efficiency;
  • Transplant of the pellet with the plant ensures protection of roots and substrate and reduces transplant mortality and damage;
  • Stable media, environmentally friendly, renewable substrate.

This having been said - how to use your Jiffy® 7C™ Pellets?

What you will need:

  • Water - Preferrably Spring Water
  • 2 Litre Ice Cream Tub or Similar
  • Seedling Tray
  • Pencil
  • Ice Cream Stick(s)
  • Seeds
  • Gloves
  1.  Prepping

    Your Jiffy Pellet comes as a dehydrated, compressed pellet of Coco Peat contained within a thin muslin membrane. When inspecting the disc, it is important to note that there is one open side to the muslin on the pellet. This always needs to face upward with the closed side facing downward.

    We advise wearing gloves when handling any plant material. This is not to protect you, but the plants. Bacterial and fungal outbreaks are common. Chillies are prone to them and reducing the risks is key. If you are an avid gardener and you handle lots of other plant material, bacteria or fungal spores can be transferred to your growing efforts. Or, if you are a smoker, Tabaco Mosaic Virus can be transferred to your chillies. Or you may transfer pathogens to the grow area from dirty hands and these will result in fungal outbreaks.

    If you are not into wearing gloves, please wash your hands thoroughly before touching your growing medium. The Jiffy Pellets are sterile and any pathogens will most likely come from your hands.
  2. Soaking

    The Jiffy Pellet is designed to expand when it is soaked in water. The best way is to use a 2 litre Ice Cream container (or similar). Place the Jiffy Pellets (as many as you would like to activate) in the Ice Cream container with the open sides facing upward.
    Fill the container with the water (spring water is preferrable). You will see that the pellets start to absorbe the water and will rapidly start expanding. Leave the pellets for about 10 mins to fully soak up as much water as they can.
  3. Prep for planting
    Once all the pellets have expanded, gently pick up the expanded Jiffy Pellets and put them in your seedling tray - ensuring thet the open ends of the pellets are facing upwards. as this is where we will be planting the seeds into.
  4. Planting
    Take your pencil and make a hole into the exposed coco peat. The debth of your hole should be roughly 5mm - which is the length of the shaved tip of the pencil. Place one seed in every hole.
  5. Label as you go

    Make sure to label each pellet as you go so you can identify the seedling when they sprout. A date is also handy as it helps keep track of when the seed was planted. An ice cream stick is perfect for this and use the lead pencil to write on the stick. Lead pencil does not rub off easily and does not blurr when in contact with water.
  6. You are done
    Now that is it! You just need to provide the warmth - a heating pad is recommended and water (probably once a day or two) to ensure the Jiffy Pellet stays moist and does not dry out. In 10 - 14 days you should start seeing hooks (it may take longer for some varieties). Make sure not to over moisten the Jiffy Pellet as the seed will rot if too wet. The pellet should always remain moist and never be soggy to the touch. Also, never let the pellet dry out as your germination will fail.


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