Germinating my chilli seeds

Firstly, we would like to say that there are many different ways to germinate your seeds. Opinions and methods vary and the starting point for any undertaking these days always warrants checking the internet. The internet has a wealth of information on this and there is no hard or fast rule as to how to do this. We also encourage you to join a chilli forum to learn from other like minded chilli growers. Chilli forums are a great start for information and you can learn from others and usually have help on hand should you encounter any problems along the way. This having been said, the methods we will demonstrate in the areticles below are the more common methods for germination used by chilliheads the world over. Some of these methods we use every year to germinate our seeds.

Before we get started we would like to say that there is no fail safe method that will guarantee germination or success. Mother Nature is not a guaranteed thing and sometimes for inexplicable reasons germination will not take place. We experience this too from time to time. Usually it has to do with temperature or growing conditions. If any one of the criteria for germination is not met, germination does not take place.

We need to point out that we are providing these articles and methods as they are recognized methods of germination. We are not guaranteeing that these methods will provide germination for you. We are not endorsing these methods for success over and above any other methods. Nor will we accept responsibility for germination not taking place. These methods are as a guideline and help resource only.

*Please note that you are free to download and use this information for personal use only (not commercially) and while free, copyright laws do apply. This means you are allowed to download but all content and images remain the property of Chillihead and may not be disseminated or reproduced for financial gain in any way or manner what so ever.

When is the best time to grow Chillies.

In South Africa oru chilli grow season ranges from first weeks of October until first weeks of May (weather depending). Unfortunately chillies will go dormant and even die off if exposed to winter temperatures - in particular sub-zero temperatures. This having been said, chillies require minimum temperatures above 100C to grow and thrive. They generally enjoy as much sunshine as they can get and prefer very hot climates.

Some growers with the facillities, will grow their chillies through winter indoors (called "overwintering"). And it is good practice to start germination of seeds a few weeks before the last frost.

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