Calapeño Thunder

Calapeño Thunder
Brand: Mother Nature
Product Code: CPT
SHU: 5,000 - 10,000
Scientific Name: Capsicum Annuum
Germination Ease: Normal
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Calapeño Thunder Chilli Seeds. This is our very own hybrid. This is a cross between a Californian Wonder (Yellow Pepper) and a Jalapeño (Red). Hence the name "Calapeño Thunder". Tall plants reaching about 1.2/1.5m. Large pods that look more like giant Jalapeño's. Pods change from green to red and are also ±10,000 SHU. What we like about these is the heat and flavour are just perfect. Crunchy, juicy, hot and sweet... we just loved these!

This is the third year that this hybrid has come into our hands. So we anticipate that these seeds are not stable. But if you are interested, these seeds are definately worth a try! Anticipate colour and phenotype variations on this variety.

C. Annuum

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Chillihead Images of fresh chillies shown in product views are for purpose of showing the type of chillies that these seeds have been harvested from. We do not sell fresh chillies on this site. Customers are advised that they are buying chilli seeds for the type of chilli shown in the product view. All our chilli plants are open pollinated. While seeds are harvested from plants as advertised, there is a possibility that hybridization/cross polination may occur. We do not sell to minors under the age of 18. We would also like to warn customers that most of our products are exctremely hot and should be treated with utmost respect.

Start: Start Indoors: July - August (About 8 weeks before the last frost) Plant Outdoors: First weeks of October (Weather Permitting - night time temperatures have to be over 10ºC)
Soil Type: Loamy, well drained soil.
Sunlight: Generally Full Sun. The more the better. Seedlings should be introduced to sun gradually in early spring and protected with 40% shade netting (if possible). Some of the Wild chilli varieties perefer dappled sunlight.
Days to harvest: Generally between 65 - 100 days from planting. This can vary depending on variety and on given growing conditions and weather. Insect or plant (hail) damage may also slow plant growth.
Spacing: Plant 45 - 60cm apart and raise roots above ground level in raised beds or rows.
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