Kilauea Lava Sauce

Kilauea Lava Sauce
Product Code: KCS
SHU: 800,000 - 1,100,000
Volume: 30ml
Heat Level: Lethally Hot
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Price: R60.00

PLEASE NOTE: Our Kilauea Lava Sauce has been discontinued and has been replaced by our current (and much hotter) "Snotklap" in a 50ml bottle.

Chillihead Kilauea Lava Sauce. This chilli sauce is the hottest chilli sauce in our range of sauces. Chillihead Kilauea Lava Sauce is made to burn supreme. Named after the world's hottest volcano, this sauce is like liquid lava. This sauce is made with fresh chillies and tomato and we have added capsaicin extract to make this sauce lethally hot. Dynamite comes in small packages and this auce may come in a small bottle, but one drop goes a long way.

This sauce has an intense, lethally hot burn that should be treated with caution. This sauce is designed for those who simply can not have enough heat and have to have the hottest sauce there is. Sure to make an impact, this sauce is fruity and has an immensely peppery burn that will have you levitating in your seat.

Great as an accompanyment for meals and brilliant to add to stews and curries to bump that heat (one drop at a time).

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Chillihead Images of fresh chillies shown in product views are for purpose of showing the type of chillies that these seeds have been harvested from. We do not sell fresh chillies on this site. Customers are advised that they are buying chilli seeds for the type of chilli shown in the product view. All our chilli plants are open pollinated. While seeds are harvested from plants as advertised, there is a possibility that hybridization/cross polination may occur. We do not sell to minors under the age of 18. We would also like to warn customers that most of our products are exctremely hot and should be treated with utmost respect.

Description: Chillihead Kilauea Lava Sauce is made to burn supreme. Named after the world's hottest volcano, this sauce is like liquid lava.
Ingredients: Fresh chillies, capsaicin, tomato, sunflower oil, (trace) alcohol, lemon juice, vinegar & natural salt.
Storage: Keep refrigerated once opened. Use within 2 month once opened.
Notes: Colour may vary. Shake bottle before use.
Allergies: May contain trace amounts of Alcohol. This sauce is made in a kitchen that contains nuts, soy, dairy, wheat & gluten.
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